Kaliman caribe 1


Art. 1. www.kalimancaribe.com is an electronic trading website, located in the Republic of Bulgaria, where publication bears the meaning of a public invitation for signing a purchase contract with Kaliman Caribe Ltd. Contract with the Customer is executed through the means of a proposal sent by the Customer in the form of a purchase order made via www.kalimancaribe.com and then accepted and confirmed by Kaliman Caribe Ltd. via e-mail.

Art. 2. (1) These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relationships between Kaliman Caribe Ltd., Bulgaria, city of Sofia, city of Sofia region, Sofia municipality, region of Vitosha, 7 Enos Street, fl. 3, apt. 5-6, UIC 831707273, represented by Mr. Todor Dochev and Mrs. Olya Docheva – Managers, hereinafter referred to as Supplier, and Customers (consumers, service users) of the e-shop www.kalimancaribe.com. According to these General Terms and Conditions, a Customer means any legal entity or an individual who is over 18 years of age, visiting or using the website for the purpose of purchasing products provided by the e-shop.

(2)Whereas art. 30, par. 1, item 2 of the Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act prohibits the sale of tobacco and tobacco products to individuals under the age of 18 years, upon delivery of the product (if the order concerns tobacco or tobacco products), the Customer shall certify that he/she is of 18 years of age or older. Otherwise, the items will not be delivered to him/her and he/she shall cover the transportation costs of the so failed delivery.



Due to the new legislation policy in Bulgaria the online purchase of tobacco products is forbidden. If you would like to buy this product, please visit the nearest La Casa del Habano or Premium Cigars&Tobacco, cigar boutiques, or order to Kaliman Caribe at +359 888636090, +359 889300091, +359 2 9746499, kcaribe@kaliman.bg.

Art. 29 Products ordered from the e-catalogue shall be delivered by a courier (Speedy Ltd.) at an address specified in the purchase order.

Art. 30 (1) Price of items does not include the delivery costs (price).

(2) The delivery price depends on the type of service (nationwide or within the city), delivery location and weight of the package, and is as follows:

Express courier service for city-to-city delivery within the country



up to 1kg

up to 3kg


BGN 4.50

BGN 5.15



City-courier within the city *



up to 5 kg

1 day

BGN 4.12

6 hours

BGN 5.60

3 hours

BGN 7.45

90 minutes

13.50 лв.

  *The service is available provided that there is a La Casa del Habano and/or Premium Cigars & Tobacco store and the products purchased are readily available. Cities include: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Ruse, Pleven, Veliko Turnovo, Velingrad, Blagoevgrad. 


The prices are for Speedy courier services, in BGN, VAT included.

Service orders within a particular city should be made as follows: within 6 hours – before 12.00 pm; within 3 hours – before 02:00 pm; within 90 minutes – before 03:00 pm; 1 day – on the following day.

Delivery is conducted within the day / Monday to Friday/. The working hours of Speedy Ltd. are until 06:00pm during business days. Speedy’s local offices feature different working hours, and in Sofia they are open until 07:30pm, while in the rest of the country they are open until 05:30pm or 06:00pm. On Saturdays, the working hours of Speedy are limited to half a business day and deliveries are made until 02:30pm, except for cities where scheduled service is in place. During public holidays, the working hours of Speedy are specifically announced.

All prices are for door-to-door delivery.

Delivery is free of charge for the Client if the amount of the purchase is BGN 100 or above (VAT incl.) 

A fuel fee is included in the price (13% charge for January 2012). The final price might vary depending on the changes in fuel prices as at the respective date of the purchase order. The price is announced on the Speedy’s website – – www.speedy.bg.


The service “Pay-on-delivery” shall be at the expense of the Customer, according to a price list set by Speedy.


The Customer shall get a receipt (proof of payment) for the services carried out by Speedy (courier service, pay-on-delivery, insurance).

Should the Customer decline to accept a shipment, following a confirmation of the purchase order, the Customer shall cover the transportation costs of the courier service.  

Should a discrepancy occur, or in case of damaged package, a report should be drafted, in the presence of the courier, on delivery, where those discrepancies should be described. If the package is not damaged, the Customer shall accept or decline the product on his/her sole discretion (rules for refusal to accept shipment shall apply).

If the Customer cannot be reached at the specified address, then he/she shall be contacted via telephone and a new delivery date shall be specified. Speedy shall try to deliver the package twice. If the Customer is unreachable, the shipment shall be returned to the Supplier. Shipment’s re-addressing (change of delivery address) within the same city shall not be subject to additional charges, but shall be performed on the next day.

The service for shipment delivery may require the Customer to provide an ID Card to check it against the personal details indicated on the package. The courier is entitled to decline the delivery of a shipment to individuals under 18 years of age if the shipment contains tobacco products.

Customers may visit Speedy’s website to get additional information – – www.speedy.bg.