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Montecristo N3

Price per item: 20.00
Name of gallery: Corona
Length: 142
Ring: 42
Caliber: Medium
Strength: Medium to strong

The crown of Montecristo is an intermediate between the best-selling Havana Cigar, Montecristo N4, and the brand’s cigars of bigger formats. The beginning is marked by aromas of wet grass, natural hot cocoa and brown sugar. The second third and the middle part of Montecristo N3 crystallize and intensify to get, clearly highlighted, the type of a business card of the Cuban agriculture: hot juice of freshly squeezed sugar cane, strong Cuban coffee of the Arabica type and, of course, the most expensive and carefully grown world tobacco. It feels like touching Cuba for the first time and, fascinated and amazed, to impulsively order a glass of Cuban rum, even if you are not a fan of alcoholic beverages. The finale culminates with scent of tobacco, nuanced with roasted almond and green pepper. A cigar that will never tire you.