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H.Upmann Half Corona

Price per item: 8.80
Name of gallery: Half Corona
Length: 90
Ring: 44
Caliber: Medium
Strength: Medium to soft

H.Upmann Half Corona is the second major proposal following the launch of the new "E" line of the Partagas trademark and after the great "D" collection has been extended. With its popular share, this is a cigar that suits any given moment and can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced smokers.

H. Upmann Half Corona is a new vitola (ring 44 and lenght 90 mm) that follows the latest trends in the world Havana cigar aficionados. Many smoker prefer a cigar of smaller size, due to the lack of time and the limited number of places for smoking, which allows them to countinue enjoying the pleasure of an exquisite Habano.

This new format within the Habanos portfolio invites smokers to experience a short-in-time delight featuring fine, unobtrusive flavour. The intensity is light to average, while the cigar is very aromatic and with a balanced taste. The great challenge before the ultra short sizes is to manufacture such a cigar that does not sacrifice its taste an aroma, as well as to smoothly unfold those in the three stages of degustation.

Now, Bulgarian aficionados have the chance to check in person great advantages of the small format.